Route’s description: Starting from Racines di Dentro with the lift, you get to the top station and take the path on the left in direction of the „Rinneralm“ and „Kelcher“ huts. The forest walk takes you in 15 minutes to the “Rinneralm” hut and in 1 hour to the „Kelcher“ hut. Easy walk with amazing view.
Start: Cable car in Racines di Dentro
Possibility to stop: Tiroler Weinstube, “Rinneralm” hut or „Kelcher“ hut
Difficulty: easy



Route’s description: The old church path starts directly from the hotel. Just walk in the direction of Flading approximately for 1 hour, following the river Racines, far away from the traffic. You can find different places to relax and to marvel at the wonderful fauna and flora that surrounds you. Ideal even for prams.
Start: Hotel
Difference in altitude: 150 m
Difficulty: easy


Route’s description: At the Stanghe Waterfalls in Racines you can see the worldwide only gorge that is cut into pure white marble. Start directly from the hotel and reach the entry to the waterfalls in about 20 minutes, having a comfortable walk along the river Racines. You’ll need 45 minutes to pass the gorge. Otherwise you can even take the walk over Pardaun to Stanghe (meadow path) and get through the gorge on your way back. (Forward and backward run: 3 hours walk)
Start: Hotel
Difference in altitude: 175 m
Difficulty: easy
Opening hours:
Beginning of May – beginning of November 9.30 am – 5.30 pm, July – August: 9 am – 6 pm.
Entrance fee:
Adults: 3,50 €, Kids: 1,50 €, Groups of min. 20 people: 3,00 €



Route’s description: Explorers just for fun! The nice circuit is located near the top station of the cable car Racines. It’s a ring trail with different attractions, like the world of the ants and of the marmots, the cuddly toy zoo, funny water games and exciting climbing frames…
Hiking, understanding and having fun at 1800 m: you’ll complete the trail in less then 45 minutes, and it is ideal for families with kids (also in prams). It’s a nice occasion to play, have fun and learn a lot about the Alpine world!
Start: Cable car Racines
Difference in altitude: 50 m
Difficulty: easy
Opening hours: Middle of June – Beginning of October 8.30 am – 5.00 pm